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America has never known a more enduring symbol than the cowboy.  In the forties and fifties every youngster lived his own "Wild West" right in his own backyard. Each kid was a hero.  The play-acting had a much greater impact on lives than mere pastime.  The traits acted out while "playing cowboy" shaped youngster's characters for the rest of their lives.  These games sowed the seeds of wholesomeness, moral courage, honesty, and sacrifice.

America, and especially its youth, has never been in greater need of cowboy heroes.  Saturday morning television is obviously not what it once was.  Cartoon characters and space creatures fill the air waves.  No one is there for the kids to look up to and to set examples of right from wrong.  They do not have a Hoppy, Gene, or Roy or their magnificent horses.  It is their loss.  These men were always on the side of right and always stuck up for the weak and oppressed.  They represented the kind of virtues for which we hoped America would always stand.

Skeleton Creek Productions has produced five western films that bring these type of heroes to the kids of America.  Stormy Lane and his two sidekicks, Texas and Cimarron have ridden the trails to help right the wrongs of the 1880's.  They do not use foul language, they do not smoke and they only drink sarsaparilla.  They live by the "Code of the West" which you read about later.  Stormy, Texas and Cimarron have also entertained hundreds of boys and girls in schools and at air bases.  As many as 500 have shown up to have their picture made with our three heroes and Diablo, Stormy's beautiful black and white horse.  As you read the comment pages about each movie you will see how children and parents alike have fallen in love with Stormy, Texas and Cimarron.

Showdown at Devil's Butte Movie

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